Concrete Patio Repair Louisville

A-1 Concrete Leveling Louisville offers cost-effective concrete patio leveling (sometimes called concrete patio mud jacking) alternatives to the expensive tear out and re-pour method of concrete patio repair.

Our experienced concrete patio lifting contractors have the expertise to carry out your concrete patio repair project from the beginning stages to completion. We can lift that old patio, restoring it to like-new condition, while stabilizing the underlying foundation. We will explain to you exactly how the job will proceed so that you will have confidence in our services and know what to expect.

Whatever the level of damage, we have the perfect concrete patio raising solution to solve your specific problem – and, best of all, most repairs can be made in one day.

Convenient and Affordable Patio Repair

Our method minimizes or entirely eliminates damage to your existing landscape or hardscape, saving you the time and expense of any replanting. Our proven process, along with our patio crack repair services, avoids unsightly patchwork repair leaving a beautiful visual appearance. You will also be able to use the repaired porch the very same day.

Transform an old uneven and cracked cement patio into a beautiful outdoor living area today!

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Louisville​ Concrete Patio Leveling

Patios that have sunk, usually because a void has appeared underneath, can be leveled without disturbing the supporting structure around it.

Louisville​ Concrete Patio Leveling - Before
Louisville​ Concrete Patio Leveling - After