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A-1 Concrete Leveling Louisville

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Review: Impressive!


Concrete leveling - thought I needed concrete repair but was advised of a totally different issue. I appreciated the honesty. Shawn could have given me a quote and done a bunch of work that gave the appearance of repair but he indicated it would not last, Advised who I generally need to seek out to repair the issue. I have retained his information as I intend to reach out to him anytime Ii or someone I know need concrete repair.

Services Performed

  • Commercial and Industrial Concrete Leveling
  • Concrete Floor Leveling

Review: Thanks A-1


Could not be happier! This was the easiest home project I could have ever ask for and the results are amazing. A1 is a very professional group and met all of their commitments. The staff is very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend them!

Services Performed

  • Concrete Steps Repair

Review: Excellent service and quality


Quick, professional, thorough and friendly

Services Performed

  • Concrete Porch Repair
  • Sidewalk Leveling and Repair

Review: Mudjacking


Top notch! I'm very pleased with the result.

Review: Mudjacking Service


The grade of the sidewalk on side my house was tilting towards the house causing pooling of water & water in the basement when it rained. A1 came out and raised the sidewalk to drain away from the house.

They were even able to level cracked sidewalk. Other conventional concrete co. wanted to remove &replace entire sidewalk and dig trench the length of house & waterproof basement. 5yr warranty

Services Performed

  • Sidewalk Leveling and Repair

Review: Almost Like New


A-1 Concrete leveled the apron to my father's driveway today. The guys on the job were courteous and answered all my questions. They finished quickly and cleaned up and were gone before my dad even got home from a short trip out to the store. He came home to a clean, level driveway and couldn't be happier. I'll definitely be calling again (if needed) and will be telling my friends about A-1.

Services Performed

  • Concrete Driveway Repair



My patio was in terrible condition and if I ignored it further then I certainly would have had to have a few of the pads replaced. One square had sunk. A-1 Concrete gave me the best quote for the job to be done. The patio was in real bad shape the A1 crew worked for a number of hours to get it bad in shape. The patio is now level and looks great. I'd recommend A1 to you, they are really good at concrete leveling.

Services Performed

  • Concrete Patio Repair